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As an online studio we can help you throughout the journey of your music. Tell us about your project and we'll set up a call.

Mixing service

It's recorded? We'll mix it!

Give your tracks the width, depth, and height they deserve. We deal mostly in electronic productions, but music is music. Provide us with references and we can help you achieve the sound of the artists you love. Pricing depends on the complexity of the project, starting from $100.

Use the form above to contact us.

Here's an example of a track we mixed:

Mastering service

Your track is finished ? We'll make it even better.

After all your hard work, let a fresh pair of ears give it that final professionnal polish. Mastering is $20 with 1 revision. $10 for additionnal revisions.

Give use a shout and we'll get back to you asap.

Here's an example of a track we mastered:

Production service

Stuck in the loop?
Missing that one magical part?
Need a very good track?

From critical review to full scale production, we'll help you wherever you need in your process. Let us know the details of your project and we'll offer solutions. Pricing varies and the quote is free.

Let us know how we can help.

Here's an example of a track we produced: